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I graduated from the University of Exeter back in 2015 with a BA in Management, Marketing and Psychology with a year’s work experience at Teach For Malaysia. Then, I decided to backpack across Europe because, and I quote my parents, “you have the rest of your life to work”. So, my second-hand 35L Deuter backpack and I trotted about Europe and Russia for three months.

Along the way, I started my travel blog, Next Train Out and found myself spending hours building the site, obsessing over typography, messing around on Photoshop and writing, a lot. Working on my blog got me noticed by a friend who passed my CV along to her boss who then decided to interview me and gave me a shot as a Content Marketer at a SaaS company.

And that’s how it all began.





User empathy is developed by understanding the frustrations that lead your users to buy your product, and dedicating time to improving their long-term experience too. These insights are developed over time through regular user and market research.

Product knowledge is understanding the product you’re selling, it’s strengths, benefits, as well as it’s kinks and flaws. This comprehension is developed through regular competitor research, constant use of the product and occasionally bugging CSM, PMs and developers with silly questions.

User empathy + Product knowledge = Valuable and relevant content that improves the customer’s journey




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I speak to Web Certain TV about content marketing in the travel industry and highlight what to consider when embarking on a content marketing strategy and determining what kind of content to create.

Freelance Services

  • Blog writing, specialising in marketing and travel tech

  • Website copywriting, editing & SEO optimisation

  • Newsletter writing for customer acquisition and customer engagement

  • Inbound marketing and content strategy

  • Long-term communication strategy and brand development

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